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    April 2017

    March 2017

    February 2017

    January 2017
    • Thanks again to Thomas Hillebrant, this time for Kennecott 901 & UP 1250,
      both ex BLW demonstrators, 1501 & 1500
      see: Newly Contributed Photos

    • Illustrated list of Baldwin Diesel Demonstrators
      see: Demonstrators Page

    December 2016

    November 2016
    • Behind the Hand Hole Covers
      Illustrated with photos from the Baldwin manual;
      "Maintenance of BALDWIN Model VO Diesel Engine for Diesel Electric Locomotives"

    September 2016
    • Thanks to Kevin Klitze (via Mike Murray) for a 2014 photo of AGP, RS-4-TC, #3239
      see: RS-4-TC

    • Another from our John C. Benson slide collection, White Pine Mine 200
      see: White Pine Mine

    August 2016
    • Thanks to Tim Darnell for recent photos of Allentown & Auburn #14
      see: Allentown & Auburn

    July 2016
    • Thanks to Richard Courage for a photo of CPR 8000 just as cosmetic restoration began in 2012
      see: Canadian Pacific Railway

    June 2016
    • Thanks to Bill Graff, Jr. for allowing us to use his father's photo of Blairsville & Indiana 407
      see: Blairsville & Indiana

    • Thanks again to Thomas E. Sandidge this time for current photos of NS 1616
      see: Norfolk Southern Railway

    • Mitch Kennedy's PRSL Action Photos, 12 photos from the 1970s
      see: 1970s PRSL Action

    May 2016
    • Thanks again to Chuck Zeiler this time for MKT 26 & 30
      see: MKT

    • Thanks to Mitch Kennedy for PRSL S12 #6019 from 1970,
      more PRSL action photos from Mitch soon!
      see: PRSL

    • Thanks again to Tom Hirsch this time for US Army RS-4-TC 1265
      see: RS-4-TC Page

    • Another three from our John C. Benson slide collection, this time:
      Oliver Iron Mining 1200B, 1203 & 1206
      see: Oliver Iron Mining

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