Ferrocarril Nacional General Roca (FNGR)

The General Roca was an original owner, it acquired 51 RF615Es new from Baldwin.

In 1948 the Argentine railway system was nationalized into six railroad companies under the Empresa Nacional de Transportes (National Transportation Company). One of these was the Ferrocarril Nacional General Roca (General Roca National Railroad). In 1952 an order for 51 Baldwin export cab units (5'-6" gauge) was placed to dieselize the General Roca. These were built and delivered in 1953 & 1954.


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    Canton 32 Ferrocarril Nacional General Roca 5037

    c/n 75892, b/d 5/54
    Photos by: Roberto Yommi
    Ferroclub Argentino (Escalada Branch) - August 13, 2005

    FNGR 5037 FNGR 5037 FNGR 5037
    photos by: Alan Miller
    Buenos Aires- April 3, 2003

    Export Bulletin
    Diesel-Electric Locomotives For Export

    Baldwin Bulletin, May 1953

    The Baldwin catalogue of export models lists model R-616E of type "Road (Combination Freight & Passenger)". Rated at 1600 HP. The Empresa Nacional de Transportes ordered their units de-rated to 1500 HP and without steam generators, hence they are known by the model designation RF615E.

    FNGR 5001
    photos from: German Virgili, Argentine Ferroclub
    FNGR FNGR 5001

    3 units reported as existing

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