Baldwin Builders Plates

plate 71969
photo by: Katie Black

- built for US Navy as #9, Earle, NJ
- repowered, renumber as 65-00132
- at NWS Charleston, reported 2012
- see US Navy Photo & Roster Page

plate 73365
photo by: Dave B

- built for the B&O as #865-A

plate 73365
photo by: Mark Vogel

- built for Norfolk Southern as #663

plate 75207
photo by: Mark Vogel

- built for the PRR as #2010A

plate 73378A1
photo by: Ryan Kertis

PRR Centipede 5825
The PRR Centipedes were originally delivered from the Baldwin factory in pairs, semi permanently coupled with a drawbar. Both units of the pair had the same road number, in this case 5825. Also both units of the pair had builders plates with the same construction number, in this case 73378.
For unique identification there were small road numbers, with a suffix, on the rear of each unit, in this case 5825-A1 and 5825-A2.
The PRR later decoupled the units and renumbered them. 5825-A1 became 5825 and 5825-A2 became 5813. The PRR had Baldwin make new builders plates for each decoupled unit. The 5825's new plate was number 73378A1 and the 5813's new plate was number 73378A2.
source: [8] bibliography

plate 75712
photo by: Ryan Kertis

- built for US Navy as #65-00372
- to Smokey Hill Railway as #1842
- donated to the Smokey Hill Railway Museum in Belton, MO
- acquired by SMS in 1995, became SMS 300

plate 72800
photo by: Ryan Kertis

- built for the MKT as #1005, renumbered MKT 27
- retired from MKT 1986, sold to Rail Link
- to Carolina Coastal as #127, scrapped 2001

plate 70885
photo by: Kevin Kohls

- built for the US War Dept. #7227 - became US Navy 65-00493
- Notice that you can see the original red underneath the Navy paint.
The plate has the thick rim as used late in WWII.

plate 64240 - TRRA 534
photo by: Kevin Kohls

- built for the TRRA as #534

plate 70175
photo by: Ryan Kertis

- built for the Chicago Short Line as #101
- to the IH&IR in 1964
- see the Indian Hill & Iron Range photo page

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