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3000hp, 2-D+D-2 running gear, using two 1500hp 608SC engines.

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Baldwin classDR-12-8-1500/2 SC
years produced1945-1948
number produced54

SAL 4500
Baldwin photo
SAL 4500

c/n 71579, b/d 12/1945

- prototype DR12-8-3000
- built with running gear from BLW 6000(1st)
- note streamlined pilot, fold away front coupler

BLW 6000 BLW 6000(2nd) & 6001

c/n 73129 & 73130, b/d 3/1948

- orderd by Union Pacific, completed as a demonstator when the order was cancelled
- remained unsold, stored until scrapped in 1952
Baldwin photo - linked to " ABPR Archive"

Diesel Engine
model608SC (two)

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