SOO Line

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie

The MStP&SSM was an original owner, it acquired these models new from Baldwin:
V01000, DS4-4-1000(SC), S12, DRS4-4-1500, AS16
Other models were acquired from the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic,
when it merged with the MStP&SSM in 1960 to form the SOO Line.


SOO 312 312

c/n 74187, b/d 6/1949

- built as SOO 312
photo by: Unknown - collection of Ryan Kertis
"unknown", WI - 1/1/1969


- see Rail to Water #362 for ex. SOO 362


SOO 380 380

c/n 74985, b/d 8/1951

- built as SOO 380
photo by: Unknown - collection of Ryan Kertis
Superior, WI - 7/20/1967

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