Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific

The CRI&P was an original owner, it acquired these models new from Baldwin:
VO1000, S8, S12


RI 759 759

c/n 75936, b/d 3/1953

- built as Baldwin S12 demo #1201, 3/1953
- sold to RI as #759, 7/1953
photo by: Chuck Zeiler
47th Street, Chicago, Il - March 28, 1965

"Built in 1953 as Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton demonstrator 1201, this locomotive was built in the middle of S12 production, which began in June 1950. In an attempt to turn around declining switcher sales, BLH built two S12 demonstrators (1200 & 1201) and sent them to the DM&IR, but no sale came from the Missabe Road. In July 1953, both demonstrators were sold to the Rock Island, becoming CRI&P 758 and 759.The S-12 production ended in August 1956, with a total of 451 units built in six years. Note: CRI&P 758 (demonstrator 1200) still exists as SMS 301." CZ

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