Baldwin Diesel Guide

S8 & S8-B

Baldwin classDS-4-4-800/1 NA
years produced1951-1954
number produced, cab units 53
number produced, B units 10

OIM 1216 & 1216B
Baldwin photo
OIM 1216 & 1216B

Oliver Iron Mining was the sole customer for S8 cow/calves. An addition set was build by Baldwin and painted as OIM #1216A&B but the formal order from OIM never materialized. The cow went to Armco Steel as #1201 and a cab was added to the calf and it was sold to USP&F as #37.

U.S.P&F 37
Baldwin photos
- collection of Chuck Brewster
U.S.P&F 37 U.S.P&F 37 USP&F 37

c/n 75836, b/d 7/1952

S-8 Drawing

Diesel Engine

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