Armco Steel Corp. - American Rolling Mill Co.

Armco Steel was an original owner, it acquired these models new from Baldwin:
DS4-4-660, S8, S12
Other models were acquired from other sources.

Amrco also had WEMCo locomotives with Baldwin built carbodies, B-70, B-71 & B-73
see our WEMCo roster page; WEMCo - Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.


Gettysburg 407 B-76

c/n 62488, b/d 3/1941

- built for the EJ&E as #271
photo by: Michael A. Tedesco - collection of Mark Laundry
Butler PA. - Sept. 2, 1979


- see the S8 model page for #1201, the unsold OIM S8A


Armco Steel 706
Baldwin photos - collection of Chuck Brewster

c/n 76091, b/d 2/1954

- built for Armco Steel Hamilton OH as #706
- moved to Armco Ashland KY as #1200
- to US Steel Pittsburg CA as #17
- to Turlock Western as #17
photo by: David H. Hamley
- collection of Mark Laundry

Ashland, KY - Dec. 8, 1978
Armco Steel 706
Armco Steel 706

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