Baldwin Road Diesels for Russia ... Baldwin Road Diesels for Russia ...

At the end of WWII the US Armed Services ordered 30 road freight diesels for export to Russia to help rebuild the Russian railroad system. They were Baldwin's first export diesels. These 1000 hp units were powered with an 8 cylinder VO engine and rode on 5 foot gauge Commonwealth C-type trucks.
This model was only built for the Russian export order, it was Baldwin class "0-6-6-0 1000/1 DE". The Russian's called these Class Db.

USA 2460
Baldwin photo 12983

0-6-6-0 1000/1 DE
c/n 72173, built 6/1945

- The Russian road numbers were Db-20-71 to Db-20-100
- the units were lettered USA #2460-2489 before shipping

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