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0-6-6-0 1000/1 DE

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Baldwin class0-6-6-0 1000/1 DE
years produced1945
number produced30

USA 2460
Baldwin photo 12983

c/n 72173, built 6/1945

- C-C trucks
- the units were lettered USA 2460-2489 before shipping to Russia
- The Russian road numbers were Db-20-71 to Db-20-100

Diesel Engine

0-6-6-0 1500/1 DE
Baldwin artwork
In the Baldwin publication "Half a Century of Diesel Engine Development" from 1945, a proposed 1500hp version is shown.
In 1945 Baldwin was testing the 1500hp 608SC engine, see: Baldwin/De La Vergne Diesel Engine Development Timeline Using the nomenclature of the day this would have been
class 0-6-6-0 1500/1 DE. None where built.

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