Applying center pair of wheels and motor to a Baldwin six-wheel,
    swivel truck.

    generator to be used in passenger service. Since

    we do not have passenger service, we utilize this

    space for an additional fuel tank which has doub-

    led our fuel capacity to 1,995 gallons.

       One of the major problems of our conversion

    has been the difficulty of diesel maintenance and

    repair in steam locomotive shops. We have over-

    come this difficulty by erecting a movable, collap-

    sible wall to close off three pits at one end of the

    steam shop. We then remodelled this section into

    a diesel shop, putting in depressed floor to bring

    the eyes to truck level, and adding elevated plat-

    forms. As we require more diesel maintenance

    space, we move this wall further into the shop

    and remodel behind it.

       We have designed and made a considerable

    amount of our own diesel servicing equipment,

    partly to cut costs, partly because we feel our

    home-made equipment suits our particular needs

    better than any now on the commercial market.

    We have, for instance, made our own automatic
filter servicing machine, and several sets of dry-

ing cabinets to hold the variety of filters we use.

   Our own variable resistance unit cost less than

$500 to build and has saved us both the guess-

work operation of trial runs, and the $5,000 we

would otherwise have expended on a resister

bank. The principle of our box is that of station-

ary plates and a changing water level. By con-

necting up the diesel after an overhaul, we are

able to get an exact resistance measurement. The

efficiency of our locomotive operation has been

greatly increased by this check on horsepower.

We are opposed to guesswork at Union, and are

great believers in running a locomotive exactly

according to the maker's specifications.

   During the summer we built a new running

repair shop which cost approximately $1,000,000.

This shop is of the very latest design and provides

the necessary facilities for maintaining our diesels

so that we are able to realize the maximum oper-

ating economies.

A 1,500-hp, 8-cylinder diesel engine generator set of the type
which powers the Baldwin road switching locomotives used by the
Union Railroad Company.

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