tual complete conversion to diesel power, and set

    up a procedure for strictly policing our own

    smoke. Thus we were well prepared when the

    anti-smoke ordinance came.

       One day in February of this year, the Union

    sent out 63 steam locomotives and 64 diesels, and

    so for the first time may be said to have begun

    more than 50 per cent diesel operation. With

    other diesels on order, our program calls for 80

    per cent conversion by the middle of 1950, and

    complete conversion at a later date.

       Within our work we must have different types

    of locomotives for different jobs. The newest diesel

locomotives are Baldwin 1,500-hp road switchers

having 6-wheel trucks and 6 traction motors per

locomotive. These particular locomotives, because

of the traction motors and heavier weight, enable

us to pull four to five hundred tons more per train

and so release some of the larger steam engines.

   The specifications of these diesels are given

on the opposite page. The design stresses sim-

plicity of controls. The speed of the locomotive is

controlled by the throttle only. The power plant

has automatic load regulation. The diesel engine

cooling is automatically controlled by thermostat.

   Space is provided behind the cab for a steam

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