Kaiser Steel

Kaiser Eagle Mountain 1028 photo by: Steve Hoskins
TaylorYard, CA - May 1972


c/n 75357, b/d 6/1952

- built for Kaiser Steel as 1012B(1028)
- to Rayonier as #14, 1973
- to Trona as #54, 1986
- to Johnston Terminals, 1993
- now at SMS Rail Lines as #554

SP 2133
photo by Jack Neville

c/n 74451 b/d 8/1949

- built for Kaiser Steel as 1010B
- renumbered 1026
- to Peabody Coal as #1026, 1968
- to Koppel Bulk Terminals as #1026, 1978

Kaiser Steel's Eagle Mountain Railway 1010B at SP's Los Angeles General Shops in 1962. Kaiser used to send their units to the SP for wheel turning and any other service needs that they were not equiped to perform in their own shops at Eagle Mountain. The unit is resting at the end of the transfer table pit.

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