Both were original owner, they acquired these models new from Baldwin:
VO660, S8

Francisco Sugar Co.


Cia. Azucarera Elia 45
Baldwin photo 13134-2
Cia. Azucarera Elia 45

c/n 72818, b/d 6/1946

- built for the Francisco Sugar Co., Cuba
- lettered Compania Azucarera Elia 45
- last VO660 placed in service

Baldwin Cuba Ad Baldwin Cuba Ad

United Railway of Havana


Two units (c/n 75719 & 75720) delivered new to United Railway of Havana in 1952, as number 8001 and 8002.
Later to the FC Occidentales de Cuba, possibly with same numbers. When Ferrocarriles de Cuba renumbered
the stock in the 70's, they were renumbered as 70801 and 70802, but 70802 was withdrawn before application of the new number.
- Information courtesy of Jean-Pierre Vergez

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