Baldwin Boxcabs - The Last Photos ?

photo 1
Baldwin Boxcabs 58501 & 61000
photo 2
Baldwin Boxcabs 58501 & 61000
photos by: Unknown - collection of Mark Laundry

back of photo 1
Baldwin Boxcabs 58501 & 61000
back of photo 2
Baldwin Boxcabs 58501 & 61000

These photos show BLW 58501 and 61000, you can compare these photos with the builder's photos we have in our "Baldwin Diesel Locomotive Model & Production Guide":
  • 58501 see class 12-OE-1000/1 CC
  • 61000 see class 8-OE-1000/1 CC

    Judging by the unused nature of the track the units are on (photo 1), they appear to be in storage. The John F. Kirkland book [6] reports both units were scrapped in 1941. Considering this and what is seen in the photos, and on the back, here are two interpretations of what these photos may show:

    1. The units were sold for scrap by Baldwin in 1941 but then were stored away by the scrap dealer (at Bayonne NJ ?) up until at least 1950.

    or, assuming Mr. Kirkland is correct...

    2. The photos show the Boxcabs in storage at Eddystone before being scrapped in 1941 and the notes on the back record when and where the photos themselves were acquired in 1950.

    These photos were purchased on eBay from a seller who acquires items from estate sales, therefore, we may never know for certain.

    Any addition infomation is welcome, e-mail

  • data source: [6] see bibliography

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