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BLW 62000 1

8-0E-660/1 E
c/n 62000, b/d 10/1936
- Baldwin's first non-boxcab diesel locomotive
- served as Baldwin Eddystone plant switcher #1 from 1941 to early 1950's
- after the 1950 BLH merger moved to Hamilton, OH as plant switcher
- see class 8-0E-660/1 E for detailed history
Baldwin Photo 11265
- collection of Mark Laundry

  • In Fred Westing's 1966 book "The Locomotives that Baldwin built",
    on page 178 he speaks of a "... Baldwin 70 ton, 600-hp, locomotive.
    It was powered by a Caterpilar diesel engine and equipped with a
    Mechydro hydraulic transmission for which Baldwin had obtained
    the American rights in Germany. As of present writing this locomotive
    is still in successful daily operation without benefit of design changes.
    It serves as a switcher at the Eddystone, Pa., manufacturing plant of
    what has become the Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation."
  • BLW No 1
    Baldwin publication DE-101 5-53
    Not positively identified as the unit Mr Westing mentions, but the closest I can find in our collection. The publication dates to 1953, about the time #1 the first (see above) moved to Ohio, and it is letterd, "No. 1".

    BLH 2 2

    BLH SH-4300
    - 300hp Caterpilar diesel, hydraulic transmission
    - built Feb. 1956, Eddystone plant switcher #2
    - assigned c/n 76151, about 1962 [6]
    - sold in 1972 when the Eddystone plant was sold off
    - exists, as of 2017, at the Ironhorse Railroad Park
    assumed to be a BLH photo
    - collection of Mark Laundry

    BLW 299
    Baldwin Lococmotives Magazine, Feb. 1940

    8-DE-660/1 E
    c/n 62299, b/d 4/1939
    - first diesel locomotive to be built with the standard line car-body
    - served as Baldwin Eddystone plant switcher from 1939 to early 1950's
    - after the 1950 BLH merger moved to Lima, OH as plant switcher until 1966
    - see class 8-DE-660/1 E for detailed history

    Sorry, no photo yet


    c/n 62334, b/d 3/1940

    - built as Baldwim Demo 334
    - sold to Minneapolis & St. Louis as D-340
    - returned as trade-in for D-145, VO1000, 1944
    - served as Baldwin Eddystone plant switcher #300 from 1944 to 1950
    - 1950 sold to Patapsco & Back Rivers as #300

    Sorry, no photo yet


    c/n 74813, b/d 7/1950

    - built as Baldwin Eddystone Switcher 301 to replace #300
    - served as Baldwin Eddystone plant switcher #301 from 1950 to 1956
    - upgraded to 800hp and sold to Weyerhaeuser Timber as #301, 1956
    - to SP as #1091
    - to Texas South-Eastern as #301
    - to R. J. Corman as #301

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    data source: bibliography [2], [6], [9] & [11]

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