1970s PRSL Action

Photos and Text by Mitch Kennedy

I was in high school in 1970 and took two of 6019, 6031 and 6003. 6003 was the last remaining DRS-44-1500 on the roster, one of 6 (6000-6005) delivered in 1950, class BS16ms...first PRSL diesels!
PRSL 6016 PRSL 6016
6019, summer of 1970, Magnolia NJ.
PRSL 6031 PRSL 6003
6031 & 6003, summer of 1970, Magnolia NJ.

6024,6025, were built for the RDG in 1953 and then cancelled the order, purchased by PRSL from BLH in 1956, after modification to gearing, removal of DB(dynamic brakes) and boiler added, group 6024-6027, geared for 80. Note the RDG drip strip still on the cab and RDG style projecting number boards (other PRSL BLW's had PRR style number boards and small recessed end markers on each end).
PRSL 6024 PRSL 6025
6024 in color April 74, Barrington NJ.
B&W of 6025 with train, same location, March 1975.

PRSL 6016 PRSL 6016 PRSL 6016
6016, Magnolia NJ, May 1975

All PRSL freight crew, symbol CA299, worked at the big Owens-Corning Fiberglas plant that straddled the Magnolia/Barrington line, 8 miles south of Pavonia (Camden) on the PRSL Clementon Brch, now the Beeseley's Point Sec (since 1983). I lived a block away, so it was an easy hike!
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Owens-Corning Fiberglas Owens-Corning Fiberglas
6024, March 76, Magnolia NJ

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