Morrissey, Fernie & Michel

The MF&M was an original owner, it acquired a single DS4-4-660 new from Baldwin.
Built at Eddystone, this was the first standard-line production Baldwin diesel exported to Canada.


Morrissey, Fernie & Michel
Photograph by Walter E. Frost
Vancouver, BC - July 3, 1965
Source: City of Vancouver Archives, item: CVA 447-1595
MF&M #1

c/n 73042, b/d 11/1946

- ordered by the Crows Nest Pass Coal Co. of Michel, BC for their Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Railway as #1
- line abandoned 1958

  • to Johnston Terminals of New Westminster, BC in 1964, *
    their terminal was located adjacent to Vancouver's Drake street yard

  • to Delta Alaska Terminal, Delta, BC as DAT 1
  • sold to Seattle & North Coast's partners, 1979 **
  • leased to Publishers Paper Co. Newburg, OR, 1981 ***
  • used on the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad, 1982
  • moved to Sacramento for storage at the CSRM (Califorina State Railroad Museum)
  • used on the Napa Valley Railroad for track work
  • donated to the Feather River Rail Society, Western Pacific Railroad Museum, Portola CA, 1990
  • declared surplus by the Western Pacific Railroad Museum, 2015 ****

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     ***  CLASS III Shortlines
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