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DR4-4-1500 Sharknose A&B

Baldwin classDR-4-4-1500/1 SC
years produced1949-1950
number produced, cab units 36
number produced, B units 36

DR-4-4-1500 Sharknose BLW 6001A, 6001A1, 6001B & 6001B1

c/n 73981-73984, b/d 6/1949
Baldwin photo - linked to " ABPR Archive"

PRR 9700
Baldwin photo 14005-1
PRR 9700
9700-9707, last eight of the PRR DR4-4-1500 units in which;
... design changes were revealed which were precursors of the RF16
[2] bibliography

Diesel Engine
horse power1500

DR-4-4-1500 Shark Pennsylvania 9570A

c/n 73701, b/d 3/1949

- built for the PRR as 9570A
Baldwin Publication 2000 5-49 JS uses Baldwin photo 13787-1

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