Baldwin/BLH Diesel Engine
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In 1931 Baldwin purchased I. P. Morris & De La Vergne, Inc. and moved its assets to Eddystone. The 1943 ad below lists the "Baldwin De La Vergne Sales Corp." as part of the Baldwin Group.
Diesel engines sweep the 7 seas
1943 - De La Vergne Diesels
Diesel Power
1944 - Baldwin Diesel Engines

"During the mid and late 1950's all diesel production was moved to the Hamilton plant in Ohio, but due to rising costs this plant was totally closed in 1960/61 and all products moved back to Eddystone. It is interesting to note that the Hamilton engine, used in Lima-Hamilton Locomotives was continued after the BLH merger and until the Hamilton plant closure, but never produced at (transferred to) Eddystone." - Henry Rentschler
A.H. Crane
1955 - Baldwin Diesel Engines
Mike Creditor
1959 - B-L-H Series 600 Diesels
Hamilton Division ads and information generously contributed by Henry Rentschler.

Stationary 608A
stationary 608A stationary 608A
Baldwin Bulletin No. 321B-Rev. 2-61

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