California Western 56

photos and text by John Stumreiter, Travel Town Volunteer

"We use it as a switch engine currently. It has a bad radiator fan shaft, so the v-belts that drive it are disconnected at the moment. The radiator shutters are removed at the moment to access the fan shaft. The dynamic brakes are shorted out, as they have been since CWR broke them and it has some rusted through holes in the body, which we are going to fix. We may or may not remove the water tanks on the running boards. CWR also removed the front step from the loco. We will eventually fix the sanders as the piping was removed due to severe deterioration. All these problems we are working on fixing. We have an abundance of spare parts removed from 55 before it was scrapped. But it does run, brakes still work fine, and it still pulls like a mule. "

CWR 56 CWR 56

c/n 76105 b/d 4/55

- built for McCloud River as #33
- acquired by the CWR 1970
- now at Travel Town Museum

CWR 56 CWR 56
photos by John Stumreiter
Travel Town Museum - Jan. 10, 2004

Length over pulling faces of couplers58' 0"
Width at eaves10' 0"
Height14' 0"
Operational weight240,600 lbs
fuel capacity, #2 diesel900 gallons
wheel diameter42"
journals6.5 X 12" Friction bearings
wheel base9' 10"
traction motors (4)Westinghouse type 370, 300 hp
gear ratio65/18
BrakesWestinghouse 6-sl
powerplant Baldwin 606A, 6 cyl, 4 cycle, inline,
turbocharged 1200 hp engine, driving a
Westinghouse 480 generator. Woodward PG
governer. pneumatic governor - throttle

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